12th Frontiers in Low Temperature Plasma Diagnostics
23-27 April 2017, Zlatibor, Serbia

Conference location

Zlatibor is very spread out mountain massive with the landscapes and pastures, fir tree forests and rounded off hills which could be encountered only here. This ensemble of old mountains and of great green prairies forms a milieu of particular beauty. These very much forested mountains covered by the pastoral houses are distinguished, but also by the numerous water flows. Situated on the height of 1.000 meters, Zlatibor is surrounded by four summits of 1,500 meters. Its mild climate with the sunny summers with the moderate temperature and long but mild winters attract many tourists.


FLTPD XII will take place at the conference centre “Romanija” at the mountain of Zlatibor in western Serbia. Participants will be accommodated in University Boarding house "Ratko Mitrović" in single and double rooms, two-bed and four-bed apartments.



Bus transfer will be organized from Belgrade airport and train station to Zlatibor (193 km) and back. There are also regular buses between Belgrade bus station and Zlatibor at least each hour. Travel time is 4 hours, price about 10 Euros. Belgrade can be reached by plane, train, bus. All major international and several low-cost airlines have regular service to Belgrade.